Kungsleden (DVD)
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Kungsleden (DVD)
In this brutal crime drama, "You" (Mathias Henrikson) takes a nostalgic walk down the Royal Road, a popular hiking trail in northernmost Sweden. Ten years before, he and Leni (Maude Adelson) took a trip together down the same path. He and the young concentration camp survivor spent their first night together in a small cabin with hints at an impending romance. He rapes her on the third night, naturally causing Leni to end the relationship. Back in the present, "You" is feeling retrospective remorse for his actions but learns that Leni is a day's journey down the road. He finds her the next day, but she has been murdered and thrown into a creek. After burying her, he goes to the cabin he and Leni had shared together years before and finds evidence that her killer was there. "You" sets out to find her killer and avenge her death. By Dan Pavlides (All Movie Guide)
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